- August 21, 2019
Beware if buying a used car from them. Not sure if it's because I'm a woman and they think I'm a gullible xxxxxxx or if they treat all customers this way. Either way, I feel the need to put it out there to help YOU- the customer. My opinion is that they will tell you anything to get you off the...
Plaza Mercedes-Benz Replied: We really appreciate your honest feedback. It is tough to hear when we fall short of expectations, but we take all reviews seriously because they help us to improve the guest experience. We apologize for your experience, however it was a pleasure to speak with you and I am happy that we could come up with a solution to your problem. We look forward to seeing you again. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance going forward. -Tom Ebenreck, General Manager Review
- July 25, 2019
Bad after sale service buy the sales person (Ben A.) . I am disappointed that evenif I recieved my car with no floor mats and spare key, with the promise from the sales person that he would get it for me soon; All of my texts and phone calls to him have become un-answered. I personally went to his...
Plaza Mercedes-Benz Replied: I am sorry to hear of your experience and appreciate you bringing it to my attention. I have researched your experience and am unfortunately unable to find your contact information based on the information provided, since your username is the name of the salesperson you worked with and not your own name. I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss your experience and personally work to restore your trust. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at 314-266-5469. Thank you and I look forward to speaking to you. -Tom Ebenreck, General Manager
Yelp Review
- July 25, 2019
I have bought a preowned car with no floor mats or spare key with the promise from the sales person (Benjamin A) that he would get it asap. I have made a lot of unanswered calls and texts; I even personally went couple times to his office with the signed "We Owe You" paper he gave me. He didn't want...
Yelp Review
- July 16, 2019
Their service team is incredibly disappointing. I went in to get my tire checked out (it was losing air), as well as address a service recall. The service advisor tried to sell me a new set of tires, and I explained I only wanted the tire checked for a puncture and patched. He told me it was fine... Review
- June 04, 2019
We had our Range Rover towed to Plaza after it lost power on the highway. It was towed on a flatbed truck with no other equipment on it. It sat at Plaza for 5 days before it could be processed thru the service department. We did not have an appointment so we understood that they must be very busy,...
Yelp Review
- April 09, 2019
Darryl Page and Ryan Main are great service advisors. Both are kind, courteous and helpful. I came in today for some service engine warnings and a headlight out on my Mercedes. I called yesterday and got an appointment for this morning. Upon arrival, a tech saw me park my vehicle and greeted me...
Yelp Review
- March 20, 2019
My 5 star review is strictly for the service experiences I have had with Patrick K. And the mechanics at Plaza Chesterfield. Patrick has not failed us once time and provides quality and prompt service. If you are looking for a service advisor and Mercedes repair center then this combo is one you...
Yelp Review
- January 02, 2019
I am the proud owner of a 2011 Mercedes Benz ML350 4Matic....and have never had one issue in 66,000 miles with extensive traveling on the highway during that time. I purchased the vehicle in Ft Lauderdale, FL brand new from BMBFTL and although it USED to be a great dealership, it is no longer that...
Yelp Review
- December 21, 2018
Darryl Page, a service advisor, needs a lesson on how to provide Mercedes world-class customer service. I came to get a headlight repaired and Darryl argues me up and down that there was nothing wrong with the light. While another service agent, Brandy, agreed the light was dim. Not sure why Darryl... Review
- November 05, 2018
Bought a 2019 Audi A8 Saturday. Was helped by Chris Blumeyer and Jamal. Both were fast, friendly, and efficient. I give them 5 stars. Chris Kemph
Plaza Mercedes-Benz Replied: Thank you for the five stars and compliments to our staff. It is excellent to hear that we could make such a positive impression on you. We look forward to seeing you again soon! - Tom Ebenreck, General Manager
Yelp Review
- October 23, 2018
This is my FIRST review for any service provided to me. I have utilized another Mercedes dealership in St. Louis for a decade. The customer service on the front end to buy a car is top-notch. The customer service on the back end...the epitome of nonexistent. Never have I had a complaint until now,...